Let us go all together... to the UASK 2018 Congress...


We had the UASK 2018 Congress in our mind when we were coming back from the UASK 2017 Congress. We kept the bar high, we had a challenge and we had to go beyond ourselves in that matter. We started working with this in mind. We know that you had very great impressions on UASK 2017. You gave great feedbacks to us and to your colleagues about UASK 2017. But this admiration laid a great burden on us.

We are not going to disappoint you. Once again we will organize a congress that you will love in 2018. You should all note “I will be in UASK 2018 between March 14th-18th 2018” to your schedules. Make your requests to your hospital administration and to your sponsor. Go ahead and work on your scientific report, poster and your presentation, already.

Our philosophy is not about saying “we prepared some great congress, come and join us”. We say “Let’s cook together then feast together Write all your dreams you wish to see come true about the congress, this very day. What are your expectations when it comes to a congress? What should a congress include? What shouldn’t? What we are looking forward to hearing from you are not only your requests and preferences about the scientific schedule, but also your opinions and suggestions regarding the organization. You have attended many congresses by now. What you expect from a congress, what you disliked there, what are the issues you said; “I wish it wouldn’t be like that” … What we expect to hear from you is everything that comes to your mind. Don’t think that “this might not be important”, the details, the minor points are significant to us. Our wish is that there is some piece of you in this congress. We want you to say “this is it, it is indeed what I suggested” or “this is exactly what I expected”. We want the congress to be what you have organized. We want to organize a congress that is in your hearts. So, we say “YOUR VOICE, YOUR CONGRESS”. We are looking forward to seeing our academicians, experts, assistants, industry representatives, and companions, in short, all of our partners from the kitchen, to the bench. Let’s cook and serve an UASK 2018 Congress that is from all of our hearts with all of our efforts.

Our congress topics will be based on the needs of our field experts and assistants in policlinics that occur while taking care of their patients. We will discuss the innovations of diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. We will not just inform you, but we will also share our experiences and skills. You will be able to observe different people and different aspects. You will have the chance to refresh and update your knowledge on different topics such as pulmonology, ICU, thoracic oncology. It will again be a congress, where you will not feel yourself like a stranger, but you will feel just like home, warm, honest, and friendly. You will not be running from this building to the other. Thanks to the compact concept of the congress center you will easily attend any speech of any session you desire, have access to the posters’ booth, industry stands and also social program hall without being tired. You will be able to let go off of daily stress and have fun during our social programmes. You will have some great days and nights with a refreshing climate at our congress hotels Kaya Palazzo and Kaya Belek Resort. Don’t feel alone at the congress, we make it convenient so your beloved ones can accompany you. Let them know, too, that “We will be at Belek Kaya Palazzo and Kaya Belek in March 14th-18th 2018” We are looking forward to seeing you and your whole family ...

Gamze Kırkıl
UASK 2018 Congress President
Ahmet Kizir
Congress Scientific Committee President
Nuri Tutar
Congress Secretary
Akın Kaya
President of Lung Health and Intense Care Society
Murat Kıyık
President of Lung Cancer Society

14 March

15 March

16 March

17 March


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  • Kongreyi Düzenleyen:
  • Kongre Başlangıç:
    14 Mart 2018
  • Kongre Bitiş:
    18 Mart 2018
  • Kongre Yeri :
    Antalya – Belek
  • Kongre Oteli:
    Kaya Palazzo Resort Hotel